Choosing a wig may be the most important decision about how you look. The right wig will make you while the wrong one will make you stand out, even if everything else is perfect.

When you select your wig be guided by your personality type, figure, height, face shape etc, and remember that ideally your head should be (or at least appear to be) one-seventh the length of your body and your hairstyle can either create or destroy this illusion of near perfection.


* PEAR SHAPED FACE: A wide chin and a narrow forehead.

The goal: Narrow the chin and widen the forehead.

Wear your hair wide and full at the top of the head and temples, brushed away from the face and up toward the ear to widen forehead; from the ear, angle hair forward toward the chin to soften and narrow a strong jaw. Styles, which are wide and full at the chin, will emphasise the width of the jaw line, and should be avoided. The wedge styles, which are brushed away from the face and give width at the forehead, are perfect for this facial shape.


Oval is considered by many to be the ideal and most versatile face shape, since nearly every style looks becoming on this facial shape. Hair pulled back or worn in an up do shows off the oval face the most. In long styles, a great classic look is a centre or side part with hair touching shoulders. The short-layered looks with curls and a close extended nape focus on this oval. Most styles will flatter you

* SQUARE SHAPED FACE: An angular jaw and square brow, with jaw and brow being nearly the same width.

The goal: soften the sharp angle of jaw line and minimise squared-off brow.

Hairstyles, which emphasise the cheekbones mid-line of the face, are most flattering. Bangs and waves at the temple also soften the square. Wear your best styles with hair swinging forward onto the face to reduce the angles. Hair length is best about 1-1/2" below the chin, or extending to shoulder length to reduce and soften the squareness of your jaw. Hair worn on the forehead is always perfect for you, as long as it is wispy or fringed.Never wear straight bangs. Hair turned under at the bottom also will narrow the width of the jaw. Styles in loose curls and waves add extra dimension to the square face.

* HEART SHAPED FACE: A triangular-shaped face. This face is narrow at the jaw line, wider at the eye line, cheekbones and even more at the brow line.

The goal: diminish forehead width and create a wider, fuller jaw effect.

Soft bangs flatter this shape, whether curly or smoother. Or wear a side part with soft three-quarter bangs swept over one side to balance your forehead width. The styles should be fuller at the jaw line. Upswept at the sides and off the forehead further emphasise your feminine appeal. A medium length to mid-neck is your best look. Fullness at the bottom, with hair directed forwardonto the cheeks gives you the appearance of a wide chin. The soft layered bob styles are ideal. Or if you prefer, curls or loose waves, shaped from the ears down, add width and fullness to your chin.

* ROUND SHAPED FACE: This shape is round at the cheeks and has a circular form. There is more of the face near the ears and gradually less curving upward and downward.

The goal: to slim your face.

Hair below the chin line should be worn with a face-lengthening centre part; for hair above chin line, wear an off-centre part to interrupt the roundness. Height at the crown and a bare forehead lengthen and slim the face. It's best to avoid short and sleeked-back hairstyles. In short-angled styles, you are best seen with hair brushed away from the face, building extra crown height to narrow the roundness of your features. Though bangs shorten the face, you can wear curly, tousled bangs or a soft wispy fringe. Always avoid full,straight-falling bangs. Wear longer styles closer to the face to give length.


You should accentuate your best facial features, while minimising your less-than-flattering features. Style is a matter of personal preference. We suggest you start with simpler styles if you are not an experienced wig wearer. Length is partly a matter of personal taste.Later on, you might buy wigs for the different uses: evening, day and casual, active, sports, etc.

A rounded hairstyle is most flattering to a fuller figure, but if the face like the figure is full, the wig style should not be so rounded. If in addition the person is on the short side, a very short style will tend to lead to a dumpy appearance.

A longer hairstyle - anywhere from the top of the shoulders to the middle back - draws the eye down, which is ideal for the taller amongst us who must avoid the small, sleek head which has the visual effect of a long 'T' without the horizontal bar at the top.

If you are built along horizontal lines - broad shoulders and hips - a short, full hairstyle with upturned ends draws the eye away from those wide, 'big-boned' lines and up to and past the cheekbones.

A long neck appears shorter, more rounded when hair is worn long with soft lines and fullness.



Wig buyers are usually open to hair color changes. Or sometimes what we are born with, just gives you your best color to begin with. If you are thinking of dyeing your hair, a wig is a great way to find out what the other color will bring you, without damaging your own natural hair.

Eye color often helps us select a wig color. Red is opposite to green and blue and as such, sets up a beautiful contrast. Blue eyes are a standout with a red wig. Once we decide to go to red, we look at complexion to select the proper red. Fair complexions favor light reds, such as Irish Red, and dark complexions favor the auburn family.

Complexion is also a very important guide in selecting hair color. A strong contrast such as a pale complexion with jet black hair, is great for making people notice your face, but you'd should have a light clear complexion. Strong contrast causes the eye to see complexions very clearly. If your complexion is a good feature for you, you should consider toning down the contrast a bit. You can go too far when toning down contrast. With no contrast at all, your face gets lost completely. Dark Complexions and eye colors can still benefit from some contrast with hair color. Often a dark brown complexion will be set off with light chocolate hair, or #1 jet black. Then light brown complexions get contrast with dark brown hair. It's a vice-versa sort of thing, with the big idea being to get some contrast. The amount of contrast is up to you. Remember that strong contrast causes the eye to focus and pay attention. After the eye is done paying attention, the brain makes decision as to whether or not it likes what it has seen. Even the unbelievable can be beautiful.

Wigs allow you to change, without really changing.


REMEMBER. Your hairstyle is a frame for your face. Your best or worst features should be enhanced or minimised by your hairstyle.

What makes you feel good is the very thing to do. Don't worry about making others feel good about you. You are the one who must feel good about yourself!