Our Gorgeous Model is: (stage name)-Sally Langwah-
singer/vocal impressionist.
Anyone interested in booking the Sally's Vegas Buddies Show
can contact roysal@xtalwind.net.-Subject-Sally's Vegas Buddies.

Elizabeth Taylor Lookalike Model is: Dianne Wagner - http:/www.diannewagner.com



item: JJ29NE

Genuine Austrian Crystal Rhinestone, Oversized Lace Motif Necklace Set. Matching earrings included.

Necklace is adjustable to 21" long. Necklace hangs down to 4" long at the center point.

Clip Earrings are 3" long.

Set comes in a silver setting finish.

And now the set comes with the large, fancy stones in jet, sapphire, clear, emerald, amethyst, ruby, topaz, emerald, AB or topaz.


Price: $ 249.99 plus shipping and handling

Item Name: JJ29NE
Lace Necklace Set
Price: $249.99
Fancy Stone Color: