Item: EBDR220793469939: Blonde with Dark Highlights - Drag Queen Wig-Long Pageboy Style

I love this style of hair and there is A LOT of hair in this one. This wig is a combination of a really great combination of honey blonde and darker roots with a quick bang styled into it. I did a lot of work on the wigline, so it should be ready to go. Hand Sewn tracks around the entire base with a bump sewn into the crown. It looks really great and we're thrilled to offer it.

This wig will not come fully styled. When you get it home, just take it out of the box and style it around your face and you should be ready to go. There is plenty of volume in this hair and I know you'll love styling it in a bunch of different ways - there is presently no product in this hair except around the wigline.

16" from the crown and 6" high on top. Will fit most large size heads. Outrageous styling possiblities.

Price: $ 249.99 plus shipping & handling

Item Name: EBDR220793469939
Drag Queen Wig
Price: $249.99

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